April 27, 2013 - Good afternoon to the management and staff of Leslay-Robin Fine Jewellery.  Thankyou for your prompt and exceptional service this past week.  My rings fit perfectly and looks amazing.  Also, I appreciate the gift card that accompanied my jewellery.  I will be back in Toronto in June, so I will see you then.   Mary (Newfoundland, Cda)

May 11, 2013 - L-R, The pearls arrived mid-week and they are beautiful!!!  We will drop by next time we are in Toronto.  Thanks for your FANTASTIC service.   Lori

May 21, 2013 - L-R, A couple of weeks ago my husband, Doug, bought me that beautiful ring that you had on display, not sure if you remember but you asked me to email and let you know the reaction when I got back home.  I have received so many compliments on what a beautiful piece it is and I am absolutely thrilled with it.  Thankyou for the hospitality you showed us when visiting your store and if we ever make it back to Toronto I will be sure to visit you again.  Gerry (Ms) (Australia)

Sept 23, 2013 - L-R, Thank you for your help.  You have some lovely items in your shop.  Hopefully we will get there again.  Gerald (New Brunswick, Cda)

Oct 25, 2013 - L-R/Sara - I just received my ring from Fedex.  Thankyou for such superb service.  It's always a pleasure doing business with you.   Mary (Newfoundland, Cda)

Dec 19, 2014 - L-R, I just went to Fedex to p u my package.  If not it wouldn't be delivered until Monday and I couldn't wait that long (LOL).  It's GORGEOUS!!! I'm so very happy with it.  Thankyou for taking on this project and seeing it through to a successful completion.  Please pass on my many thanks to all who made my vision a reality!!!   Mary (Newfoundland, Cda)

Jan 30, 2015 - L-R, My daughters arrive this evening and I am now wearing the gorgeous earrings!  They are fabulous!!!  Thank you!   Joan (Toronto)

Sept 22, 2015 - L-R, Thank you SO much!!!  Yes, I love the rings in the cadcam pictures, both the views looking down at the rings as well as the side views with that beautiful center stone raised to capture all that sparkle!!  I'm good with all the details that we've discussed, thanks again for getting back to me and suggesting going back to the jewelery store here to double check the ring size.  I can't thank you enough for helping Ian and I with this, you are the best!  Stacy (Kenora)

Dec 3, 2015 - L-R, THANK YOU!!! Wow!!!  Ian proposed yesterday and my ring is gorgeous!!!  It is absolutely perfect in every way!  It is breathtaking and I am absolutely thrilled!  I can't thank you enough for helping us with this design it is truly the most beautiful ring I've seen.  Thank you so very much!  I will send you a picture when I have a nice one taken of us!   Stacy + Ian (Kenora)

Feb 2, 2016 - L-R, I hope all is well with you!  I am still in awe of my gorgeous engagement ring!  So beautiful!  Ian asked me to send you a quick email regarding my wedding band.  I'm thinking just a thin band with diamonds going down as far as the diamonds on my engagement ring.  I guess the same size diamonds and thickness to match the engagement ring.  Pls let me know if there is any additional info that I can provide.  Stacy (Kenora)

June 29, 2017 - L-R, I hope you've been well!  I'm not sure if you remember me, but my husband, Paul and I worked with you to design my sapphire engagement ring and my accompanying wedding band some years ago.  I'm interested in a new band that is identical to my wedding band, but with sapphires instead of diamonds.  Would you be able to quote a price for that?  Let me know if you need to see a picture of my wedding band or if you can relocate the details in your files.  Thank you!   Myra (San Francisco).

August 2, 2017 - L-R, I just arrived back in Canada at my mother's in N.B.  The sapphire band is beautiful!  I love it - thank you so much!   Myra (New Brunswick, Cda)




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Jewellery Design is my specialty.  I will help make this process as uncomplicated as possible.  Many people do not have spacial perception and are not able to visualize how a design will look when completed.  I understand this and will work patiently with each of my customers.  We work together in a step-wise fashion and can take as much time as you need in order to comfortably move to the next step.  Every jewellery design will have an appraisal done when the design is completed and is included in the price.

I can work within the confines of your budget.  In many cases, we can substitue the gemstone of choice to another stone that looks very similar but may not be as expensive.  We can also use smaller stones that when set a certain way can look like a larger stone.  

If you have jewellery pieces that you don't wear, we take the pieces apart and use the gemstones instead of purchasing new ones.  My jewellers are well versed in making up a new earring to replace a lost one.  Let me see the remaining earring and after a consultation with my jeweller, I will let you know if it is possible to make a new identical match to your earring.  I never proceed with anything until I have your go ahead and I make sure you have accurate information before you make your decision.

Many people see a design they like and give me a picture.  I will give you an exact quote of what it will cost to make an identical copy to what I am shown.  Other times, a customer has an idea of something they have seen and will describe it to me.  I will come up with a drawing of what you have told me and we can tweak the design until you are satisfied that it is what you want.  Before proceeding to cast the design in gold or platinum, I will provide you with a Cadcam rendition of the piece with precise dimensions and in colour which can also be tweaked so that you will know exactly what the piece will look like when completed.  To date, I have never had an unhappy customer.  For me, seeing your excitement at the end is what it is all about.

I believe in complete disclosure to my customers.  I take time to explain the various properties of any gemstones used in a jewellery design.  It is important for my customers to know how to care for their jewellery and prevent mishaps that could be prevented from a little knowledge and understanding.      



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